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Mary Roach’s new book ‘Fuzz’ explores the ‘criminal’ lives of animals

Mary Roach
W.W. Norton & Co., $26.95

Around the world, criminals run free in the forest. These villains can’t be arrested — because they’re not human. In her latest book, Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law, Mary Roach puts the spotlight on these miscreants. On the Midway Islands, albatrosses carry out suicide missions against the U.S. Navy’s planes. In Colorado, bears break and enter, raiding the refrigerators of mountain homes. And deer do so much jaywalking.

Nature’s perp list also includes camels, mountain lions, crows and many more. Through such examples, Roach tackles this question: What should we do when animals break laws intended for people?

The book brims with Roach’s irreverent humor, which particularly shines when she experiences human-animal conflict firsthand. She tastes rat bait to better understand its allure and gets training on how to tell if a human body was mauled by a bear or

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Bloomington Animal Care reports two unlawful monkey sightings

Last week, Bloomington Animal Care and Control received reports of two monkey sightings one day apart from each other. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, animal control received multiple reports of a man riding on a scooter throughout the city with a monkey on his back. He was last seen heading north on Walnut Street. No other description was given for the individual.

On Thursday a man was reportedly seen with an untethered monkey in Bryan Park, according to a secondhand account of the sighting filed with animal control the following day. No one who directly witnessed this incident has contacted animal control.

Animal control personnel have not been able to identify anyone involved with the monkey or monkeys or to locate a monkey.

Virgil Sauder, director of Bloomington Animal Care and Control, said the agency has not determined whether the two sightings are linked or are completely separate. It is possible

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Tufts’ Foster Hospital stops taking new critical patients

GRAFTON — Pet owners in Central Massachusetts should no longer expect to walk into the Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University when their pet is having an emergency.

The hospital is not taking new, critical patients, according to an announcement made last week.

The facility is now almost always filled to capacity with sick or injured animals, and in a statement on social media, hospital officials wrote, “Effective immediately, the Foster Hospital for Small Animals is not able to accept new patients in our critical care unit. If your pet is having an immediate life-threatening emergency, and we are the closest facility, please call 508-839-5395 prior to presenting.”

The move is impacting the pet-loving community and officials said they knew that would be the case. Since they are already at capacity, adding more sick pets would not allow them to focus on

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Hero farm animals rescue chicken pal from hawk in wild video

Picture a very special episode of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” — plopped right in the middle of an unassuming country farm.

Indeed, it was like a page out of a surreal children’s storybook as a goat and rooster rushed to the rescue of their chicken buddy when it was attacked by a predatory hawk, as captured in a dramatic new viral video.

Jaap Beets, a farmer in Gelderland, in the Netherlands, was in his farmhouse on Sept. 5 when he heard a commotion coming from his livestock outside.

“I was so proud of the rooster and the goat jumping in to defend our chicken,” farmer Beets, 59, told SWNS. “I was also very relieved that the chicken survived.”

His CCTV footage showed the moment a goshawk dive-bombed a chicken, feather plumes flying in the air. Almost immediately, one of the farm’s roosters sprinted to the chick’s rescue, defending his

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Maryland Zoo to give COVID-19 vaccine to animals

Maryland Zoo prepares to vaccinate animals against COVID-19

Zoo: No cases of COVID-19 amongst animals; vaccine will add another layer of protection

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore will start vaccinating specific species of animals that have been proven to be susceptible to COVID-19 within the next few months.”We expect to receive the vaccine in the fall from the animal health company Zoetis, which has developed a vaccine specifically for animals,” said Dr. Ellen Bronson, senior director of animal health, conservation and research at The Maryland Zoo. “We have not had any cases of COVID-19 in the animals here, but the vaccine will add another layer of protection for the animals in our care.”Zoetis is donating more than 11,000 doses of its COVID-19 vaccine for animals to help protect the health and well-being of more than 100 mammalian species living in nearly 70 zoos,

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Mary Roach’s ‘Fuzz’ Reveals A Weird World Of Animal ‘Crimes’ : Shots

Macaques check out a camera in Galtaji Temple in Jaipur, India. Monkeys have been known to sneak into swimming pools, courts and even the halls of India’s Parliament. One attorney told author Mary Roach about a macaque that infiltrated a medical institute and began pulling out patient IVs.

Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Macaques check out a camera in Galtaji Temple in Jaipur, India. Monkeys have been known to sneak into swimming pools, courts and even the halls of India’s Parliament. One attorney told author Mary Roach about a macaque that infiltrated a medical institute and began pulling out patient IVs.

Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Animals living among us often ignore the rules we try to impose on them. Science writer Mary Roach experienced this firsthand when a group of macaque monkeys accosted her in India.

“I was kind of

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Zoos vaccinating animals against COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases surge nationwide, veterinarians are racing to vaccinate vulnerable animals in zoos around the country.

BALTIMORE — As the nation continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, veterinarians are looking to protect a vulnerable group that’s often overlooked: zoo animals. But just like their human counterparts, it’s taking some effort to get the animals comfortable with the medicine. 

Trainers at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore are performing regular exercises with certain animals to prepare them for their future shots. 

“Let me know when I can touch her,” said one technician holding a blunt needle in her hand. “Go ahead. Touch.”

In a well-choreographed dance, technicians lured animals, like Makoda the American Badger, with food to rehearse administering an animal version of the COVID-19 vaccine.  

“This is a blunt needle that kind of symbolizes that pressure of what a needle might feel like,” the zoo technician said. 

Sofiya, the

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Arizona Woman Finds ‘Hoard’ of 36 Animals Living in Squalid Conditions

An animal rescue worker in Arizona has revealed the shocking conditions in which she found 35 cats and dogs. One dog had reportedly not left their room in six years.

Elli Smith, a member of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, regularly shares updates to social media of the animals she finds and the often squalid locations they have been living in. Her previous clips include saving a dog living at a garbage tip, and rehabilitating another whose back legs were hacked off with a machete.

Two of her recent TikTok videos detailing the struggles of a “hoard” of animals have each racked up more than 2 million views.

In one heartbreaking scene, a black dog is seen quivering in the corner of a bedroom. Patches of the dog’s fur had clumped together and Smith later said the dog had “fear and confusion” in her eyes.

Smith revealed that the dog—who they called

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What is the fastest animal on Earth?

Ask anyone what the fastest animal on Earth is, and they’ll probably say the cheetah. But the focus on the speedy feline has stolen attention from other species that go much faster — some three or more times faster than the cheetah. Who are the overlooked speedsters of the animal kingdom? 

To be clear, the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is undeniably fast. And it is true that it’s the quickest animal on land. With documented top speeds of 64 mph (103 km/h), the cheetah easily surpasses other swift animals, like racehorses, to take the title of world’s fastest land animal. And some estimates of their top speed are closer to 70 mph (113 km/h), according to the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.

A combination of leg length, muscle size and a long stride gives the cheetah the ideal body for running across land, said John

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Atlanta Humane Society rescues 51 animals from Gulf Coast ahead of Ida – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Humane Society’s Disaster Response Team picked up 31 dogs and 20 cats from areas along the Gulf Coast and sent them their way to Atlanta on Saturday.

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The team traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi and New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Ida on Friday to pick up the dogs and cats. They visited the Humane Society of South Mississippi and Louisiana SPCA. Both are expected to be on the receiving end of Ida’s strong winds and rains.

The Humane Society said each of the 51 animals were already in shelters prior to the storm and were not strays or animals lost during the evacuations.


The Humane Society said the team arrived back in Atlanta around 7 p.m. Saturday with the dogs and cats. 12 of the dogs are heading out to the Hilton Head Humane

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